At TODCO, we have been proudly serving artisan doughnuts and specialty coffee since July 2017.

Our objective is to produce the freshest doughnuts in Melbourne together with a memorable in-store experience.

To achieve this we fry and decorate our doughnuts in small batches throughout the day to ensure a superior product and pride ourselves with exceptional customer service.

When you enter our store you can see our displays, which showcase our range of 26 yeast raised and cake doughnut flavours.

Through a large window, you can watch our skilled pastry chefs work meticulously in a purposely designed doughnut kitchen.

We also know the importance of quality coffee. That’s why we have chosen Five Senses as our specialty coffee roaster. Our delicious house blend is CROMPTON ROAD. It has rich flavours, balanced & heavy bodied. This blend comes from three regions:

  • Alice Estate, Brazil
  • Santo Antonio, Brazil
  • Chicharres, Mexico.

It’s rich flavour of bakers chocolate and marzipan envelope the entire palate, which seamlessly leads to a velvety body and a lingering creamy finish.

Our coffee is made with our customized Synesso espresso machine which is painted in Soji white and has elements of brass, American oak and tinted glass

We look forward to seeing you in store!


Born in Oakleigh, brothers Yani and Nic’s fondest childhood memories were eating their Grandmother’s freshly made sweets.

It was these memories that gave them the inspiration to design exceptional artisan doughnuts and serve specialty coffee in the suburb they were raised in.

Every single doughnut has been through the brother’s rigorous creation process and they are delighted to share them with you.